The mission of Jordan Catholic School is to form students of strong moral character and deep faith, who through the development of their own individual gifts and abilities, will become lifelong learners, serve others, and participate in the life of the Church and the community.

At Jordan Catholic every child flourishes in an environment of academic challenge and spiritual growth. JCS challenges students to develop the knowledge, skills, and work habits to succeed. To that end, the entire JCS community is committed to helping each student discover, and realize, his or her potential. It is our goal to give all students the unique opportunity to be educated in a safe, structured, and Faith-based learning environment.



Alleman High School develops a faith-lived community by exemplifying gospel values through Catholic education. We are a Catholic educational community which strives to teach as Jesus taught. By our actions, values, and modeling, we exemplify a caring atmosphere in a faith-lived community.

Alleman High School, being mindful of the uniqueness of individuals and appreciative of the differences among us, provides the academic atmosphere and promotes educational experiences needed for each student to meet his/her potential.

We strive to provide a foundation for the religious, moral, intellectual, emotional and social development of each individual. Alleman High School is determined to produce a catalyst for change and for growth in the Catholic community as well as in the society.